Chia Sisters: A Year in Review

Meri Kirihimete, Christmas to Chloe and I is about celebrating community. Our immediate community of family and friends. Our small business community of Nelson foodies, fellow climate activists and good sorts. And you, our amazing community of supporters.

Chia Sisters: A Year in Review

In 2020 the sense of comradeship and family has never been stronger


We teamed up with ethically made, NZ owned, beverage companies (some would call competitors) to form 'Nudes', Jayden from For The Better Good, Joe from Six Barrel Soda, and Rich from Batchwell Kombucha.


As we head into lockdown, our production manager Kevin brings his daughters Amy and Meggan, and wife Dawn in to run our juicery within their family bubble.


After losing 100% of our cafe sales and considering closing for good, we shift online and send the message out to you. We give a hurray for every order and by the end of the day have sent a few hundred juices and smoothies to Kiwis across the country.

We also connect with Pic's Peanut Butter and Proper Crisps to create our Little Box of Sunshine, the essential box of goodies to fuel foodies and to help Nelson businesses stay afloat

Chloe & Mum, baking Mum's Muesli during level three.


We put our Mum's family favourite homemade muesli in a brown paper bag and offer it to you guys, batch made to order every week.


We work with Te Tauihu (the top of the south) local businesses on taking the lead in creating a zero carbon Aotearoa, launching Businesses for Climate Action and setting our goal for a Zero Carbon Te Tauihu by 2030.


To celebrate Christmas in a year like no other, we reach out to our friends at Little Beauties, Sublime Coffee, Pic's, Proper Crisps, Penati, Zesti, Pomeroy's, Dovedale and Annie's to come together to bring you our biggest, bestest, sunniest box of goodness from Nelson's finest food and drinks producers yet. Our Big Box of Sunshine.


We take the Chia Sisters team on a mountain bike ride from Codgers in Nelson to our local brunch spot, for our Christmas celebration Chia Sisters styles.

As Chloe & I sit down and write this, we acknowledge all the amazing people that make up our Chia Sisters Community, those that we couldn't have done 2020 without. And that includes you.

Meri Kirihimete,

Chloe & Florence, and the entire Chia Sisters team (all nine of us!!)

Florence & Chloe Mountain Biking

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