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Blueberry Superfood

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Chia Gut Health

Improving digestion the natural way

Chia Gut Health is a refreshing blend of blueberries, blackcurrant, and hydrated chia seeds.

Formulated by harnessing the power of plants, this beverage provides all-natural support for improving digestion — no preservatives or added sugar, only plants enhanced by neuroscience.

Naturally contains prebiotic fibre
Naturally contains magnesium
Best enjoyed in the morning for day-long support
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Supporting our world
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All-natural Ingredients

B Corp Certified

Zero carbon Certified

New Zealand Made

Living Wage Employer

Climate Positive Certified

Enhancing nutrition

Not your average health fix

In 2012, Neuroscientist Chloe Van Dyke set out to create a natural drink that would give her family long-lasting energy and hydration to support their endeavours as athletes.

The result? Our Chia Superfood Drinks — designed to keep you going. We keep the ingredients simple but activate them the right way, formulating a beverage providing a good source of essential nutrients. 

Prebiotic Fibre

Prebiotic Fibre

Plant Protein

Plant Protein



Plant Omega 3

Plant Omega 3



Chia Gut Health
Chia Gut Health

Feel the difference

(Chia Gut Health 1) Improved digestion

Improved digestion

Chia Gut Health naturally contains a good source of fibre, including prebiotic fibre, which contributes to keeping you regular, helping maintain good gut health.

(Chia Gut Health 2) Natural electrolytes

Natural electrolytes

Chia Gut Health contains 4 essential electrolytes - magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, which are naturally occurring in chia seeds.

(Chia Gut Health 3) Better mood

Better mood

Chia Gut Health naturally contains magnesium which contributes to normal psychological function, assisting your mood levels.

(Chia Gut Health 4) Complete protein

Complete protein

Chia seeds are among the few plant-based protein sources containing all 9 essential amino acids.

The innovation behind our hydrated chia seeds

To fully activate the nutrients in chia seeds, they must be hydrated individually. Over two years of experimentation with Callaghan Innovation, we developed a custom technology that allows us to quickly and completely hydrate every seed, unlocking the power of their natural benefits.

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4 Reviews

Love it!

Another fantastic Chia Sisters product!

Ali Y.
Verified Buyer
New Zealand

Love the drinks!


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